Tom & Monica - Lenexa, KS

PacoPacoOur boy Paco was over 17 years old when he left us early this year. When he was 13 he had surgery to repair a torn ACL, and he slowed down quite a bit after that healed. He no longer ran with joyous abandon in open areas, and his joints began to stiffen up. He was quite a bit slower getting up and down the stairs in our home, and as that progressed and got worse we could feel the pain he was in as he labored with each step up. We didn't know for sure that he had arthritis in his joints, but since it was likely at his age we decided to give him the Arthritis formula twice/day. The herbs helped him move more freely and with less pain, and he felt more joyful in his presence. His spirit remained very strong until the end, but I think that would have come a lot sooner without the Arthritis herbs. They allowed him to remain comfortable enough in his movement that we didn't have to make a difficult decision much sooner. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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