Wendy Daunell - Alderpoint, CA

Arab/Mustang CrossMy horse is a 9 year old arab/mustang cross. After 7 years of struggle, starting with hypersensitivity to bug bites at 3 years old and culminating in a fight for his life with liver issues, weight gain, founder, abscessed hoofs, colic, IR, reaction to vaccines, swollen sheath, bout with ehrlichia, depression, impaction, and various other minor things over the past two years. I thought this horse was gonna die when his liver GGT enzymes skyrocketed into the upper 400s. The vet was at a loss, even consulting Cornell and Davis. I put him on the Liver Solution and the enzymes started dropping immediately and got to normal in 8 weeks.

This was the beginning of my 2 year nightmare with all of the above. In the middle of it all I requested an insulin test and he was indeed insulin resistant. After much heartache, trial and error, and emergency runs to the vet he is doing good. He is on EMS/Cushing's/IR Solution, Liver Support, and Total Immune Health. I soak his hay and his pasture is drylot. I keep up on hoof care and watch him like a hawk! I love this horse so much and am SO happy he's doing good. THANK GOD for FOR LOVE OF THE HORSE!

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