Horse Tendon Repair Success Stories


Howdy Friends! This is a testimonial to the progress in my mare’s tendon repair – Specifically Related To Her Diagnosed DSLD (degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis). ... Read More >

N Baker

Nothing has even come close to helping it until he started this herb. Massive thank you. Read More >

Horse Health Herbs My angel's tenotomies (surgical division of tendons) were NOT my choice and entirely against my wishes.  That being said... Read More >
Tennessee Walker Touch is a Tennessee Walker, 11 years old. His problem started back in February with an on again off again limp. Then his knee started swelling last month... Read More >
Red Geldig Early last year we were given a beautiful red gelding because they thought he was never going to recover from his lameness. We named him Red Spirit because of his incredible spirit and enthusiasm... Read More >

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