Tendon Repair

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Tissue swelling
  • Palpable heat
  • Observable lameness in the gait
  • Bowed tendon
  • Beginning stages of Navicular
  • Tendon strains or injuries (old or new)

Tendon RepairTendon Repair Solution promotes clean, swift recovery from tendon injury by rapidly reducing the inflammation and increasing healthy blood circulation to the injury. Strong anti-inflammatory herbs are included in this blend to diminish the swelling and heat, which in turn inhibits the formation of adhesions. Tendon Repair relaxes and strengthens the involved tendons while also alleviating pain.
A tendon is a cable-like band of fibrous tissue connecting a muscle to a bone, and easing the impact of force between the two. Tendons have a certain elasticity allowing them to stretch and contract with each movement. The degree of this elasticity is known as the “strain” capacity. If this capacity is exceeded, the tendon will be injured.

The progression of a tendon strain begins with the first sign being a slight swelling of tissue and palpable heat. As the inflammation progresses a minor observable lameness appears in the gait. Typically, the swelling and the inflammation continue until there is a noticeable “bowing” behind the metacarpals giving rise to the familiar term “bowed tendon”. Tendon fibers start to separate, the swelling spreads and finally, this degenerative process leads to a breakdown of blood circulation to the area, which results in more tissue death.

Tendon Repair will strengthen and keep your horse's tendons healthy, helping to prevent injury. This combination of herbs is an excellent choice for horses with active lives, such as trail horses, barrel racers, event horses, and jumpers when there is no tendon injury.

Use Natural Pain Relief along with Tendon Repair to accelerate recovery and increase pain relief.


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases circulation to the injury site
  • Diminishes swelling and heat through anti-inflammatory herbs
  • Inhibits formation of adhesions
  • Relaxes & strengthens tendons
  • Alleviates pain
  • Swift clean recovery

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Success Stories

AngelMy angel's tenotomies (surgical division of tendons) were NOT my choice and entirely against my wishes. Read More >
TouchHis problem started back in February with an on again off again limp. Then his knee started swelling last month... Read More >
Red SpiritEarly last year we were given a beautiful red gelding because they thought he was never going to recover from his lameness. We named him Red Spirit... Read More >


Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: mo yao, xu duan within a proprietary blend.

If this is your first order, we strongly recommend you purchase the large size as a small size will not be sufficient to effectively address the problem.

Tendon Repair Solution for Horses

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