Torn Tendon Solution for Dogs

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Heat due to inflammation
  • Non-weight bearing lameness due to injury
  • Pain with tendon use
  • Fluid buildup in the joint (known as joint effusion)
  • Decrease in muscle mass and weakening of muscles (muscle atrophy) in rear leg

Dog Torn Tendon SolutionHarley recovered from torn ACL. Read his success story.Torn Tendon Solution contains a group of herbs that work together to literally repair torn (ruptured) tendons and ligaments. With the direction and support of these herbs, the torn fibers actually reconnect and rebuild a strong healthy tendon.

Fiber tearing is a more serious injury than a strain or sprain. It occurs suddenly and the degree of swelling, heat and lameness is often, but not always, more than that of a pulled tendon. The Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) which connects the bones of the knee, is the most commonly torn ligament in dogs. This is especially true for larger breeds due to the ligament having to support more weight. Damage to the CCL is often associated with rear leg lameness in dogs and is a major cause of degenerative joint disease in the stifle joint. In order to definitively diagnose a torn tendon, ultrasonic imaging is needed.

Tendons and ligaments are comparable to ropes. They are one big cord of connective tissue made up of many little cords (fibers). When these fibers tear, it causes pain and inflammation as blood and fluid leak into the injured area, also producing heat and swelling. And while it's part of the healing response, inflammation can have harmful effects. It can worsen tissue damage and weaken the surrounding tendon fibers. The progression of this damage leads to the formation of adhesions. Adhesions are strands of fibrous scar tissue that form and restrict a tendon’s ability to stretch and glide. Additionally, poor blood supply to tendons cause these injuries to heal more slowly and not as well.

Torn Tendon Solution repairs torn and separated fibers, reduces the damaging inflammation, and prevents the formation of adhesions. Circulation is especially important during the healing process in order for nutrients and oxygen to reach the injury site. To insure that the tendon gets this needed circulation, Dr. Thomas included a potent group of herbs that increase circulation to the affected tendon and/or ligament in the Torn Tendon Solution formula.


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Repairs torn fibers in the tendons and ligaments
  • Increases circulation to tendons and ligaments
  • Creates strong, flexible, and supple tendons
  • Reduces risk of adhesions


Dosage information for Dogs

Ingredients: wu jia pi, ru xiang within a proprietary blend.

Torn Tendon Solution for Dogs 360g

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- 05/14/2019
Severe L front ankle/two middle toes hyperextension, and with a combination of Natural Pain Relief/Arthritis (What was on hand at the time of injury) Torn Tendon Repair four days later. After two weeks of solutions/collar/leash only Merc is back on the beach with just a hint of an old injury which is showing less and less each day!

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