Horse Uveitis Success Stories

Me and my darling, darling, darling - BB

One summer day in 2013 I noticed that my Arabian mare, BB's eye was swollen and runny. I thought it was an allergy to some grass, ... Read More >

Me and my darling, darling, darling - Holly

I am convinced that without the herbal remedies my horse would be blind or dead by now. ... Read More >

For Love of the Horse Dog

Murphy was adopted at 4yrs of age after spending 2 months at the shelter and came with an eye that was red and inflamed. I made an appt for him with an eye specialist and also researched alternative treatment options. ... Read More >


I just wanted to post an update on my mare Aiden. This is just what has worked for me and my girl. I don't mean to make others feel that their decisions were wrong. I just want to share my story in the hopes that it may help. :-) I am sorry it is long, I just felt that all of the details were important. ... Read More >

Miss Maisy

It’s been almost a year since I last updated you on Miss Maisy’s eye condition.  Have had her at a maintenance dose of the Uveitis Solution for several months now... Read More >


Riley lives in a pasture with other horses and wears a fly mask through the summer. I bring him in every morning and evening to feed, remove the mask and look him over for any issues. Read More >


The way Sisko is running slaloms at a gallop through the two gates into the field, he's showing no sign of having vision problems this morning. Read More >

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