Uveitis Solution for Horses 715g

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Therapeutic Actions

  • Dampens the inflammatory process
  • Restores blood supply so that the cornea, iris, inner chambers, and retina receive adequate nutrition
  • Reduces the spasms of the ciliary muscles
  • Returns autonomic regulation of pupillary response
  • Promotes cellular recovery

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Indicative Signs and Symptoms:

  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Squinting and tearing
  • Constricted pupil (even in dark stall)
  • Cloudiness within the eye, aqueous flare(difficult to see the iris and pupil with a distinct “haze”)
  • Swelling of the eyelid
  • Potentially the presence of "solid material" attached to iris


Early stage UveitisExample of early stage Uveitis with a hint of an aqueous flare just beginning - it is the diffuse "smoky" opacity that can be seen in this picture. This is the ideal moment to begin the Uveitis solution.

Advanced stage UveitisExample of advanced (likely "Recurrent" Uveitis) Uveitis showing adhesions between the iris and the anterior lens capsule; also an irregular shaped pupil can be seen.

Uveitis is an inflammation of the uvea of the eye. The uvea is the membrane surrounding the internal components of the eye that serves as an immunological barrier to protect the eye from unhealthy blood-borne materials. Inflammation disrupts this barrier and progresses this disease from initial damage to blindness.

Early uveitis is characterized by painful spasms of the smooth muscles (ciliary muscles) in the iris. The result of these spasms is a constriction of the pupil and an abnormal intolerance of light (photophobia). The spasms of the ciliary muscles will cause constriction of the pupil even in the dark when the horse’s pupil would normally be dilated to allow as much light as possible.

Uveitis can be caused by blunt or penetrating trauma to the eye, corneal ulceration, parasitic infiltration and numerous systemic infections. Of the systemic diseases implicated in uveitis, infections of the Streptococcus equi (strangles) and Leptospira interrogans (bacterial) occur most commonly. Autoimmune diseases can also be associated with uveitis onset. If there is trauma to the eye and a cut or scratch occurs, this can be enough to set off a local infection leading to unchecked inflammation. Corneal ulcers caused by fungi or bacteria can reach deep into the cornea and induce uveitis.

If you suspect that your horse’s pupil is constricted, gently and slowly trace a penlight across your horse's pupil and look for changes in pupilsize and shape. Do this in a place that is darkened so that there is reason for the pupil size to respond.

Since inflammation initiates, perpetuates, and worsens this eye disease Uveitis Solution reduces inflammation first and foremost. The painful spasms of ocular muscles that eventually contract the pupil and lead to photophobia (sensitivity to light) are reduced which returns the autonomic regulation of the pupillary response to light changes and brings pain relief. Another group of herbs within this solution works to restore the blood supply to the eye to bring the much needed nutrients to the cornea, retinae and inner chambers. Still another group of herbs directs all the therapeutic properties of the Uveitis Solution to the eye to promote cellular repair and restore vision.

This is an extremely severe eye disease that is not completely understood and the results obtained from Uveitis Solution are directly dependent on the severity of the damage to your horse's eye when beginning herbal treatment. The more acute the inflammation at the time of beginning treatment the quicker and more extensive the results will be. In other words, the earlier you detect the problem, the quicker and more effective the treatment. But, either way, please understand that the treatment of Uveitis is a long term commitment.


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Dampens the inflammatory process
  • Restores blood supply so that the cornea, iris, inner chambers, and retina receive adequate nutrition
  • Reduces the spasms of the ciliary muscles
  • Returns autonomic regulation of pupillary response
  • Promotes cellular recovery


Recommended Protocol:

Given the severity and complexity of this eye disease the determination of an effective herbal solution program must be dependent on the unique observable signs and Uveitis "œstage" of each horse. Our customer care staff will be happy to help each caretaker with this process and, if necessary, will contact Dr. Thomas for his advice.

We have found from our experience in treating horses with Uveitis, that pairing the Uveitis Solution with the Total Immune Health Solution is the most effective protocol for a horse with Uveitis. The addition of the Total Immune Health Solution builds the horse's entire immune system and promotes phagocytosis (process where particular leukocytes, i.e. white blood cells, “ingest” and “remove” particulate matter) thereby enhancing the horse's ability to reduce the infection.

Recommended Reading: Moon Blindness (Uveitis): How it Happens and How it Progresses

Beginning with an accelerated dosage of both herbal solutions is advisable in order to decrease the inflammation rapidly. The accelerated dosage protocol for both solutions is: 5 scoops, 3 times daily until one month after there is a noticeable change in symptoms. After that it may be time to adjust your horse's solution dosage.

Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: man jing zi, bai ji li within a proprietary blend.

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it helps
- 02/28/2023
I find improvement with my mares eye when receiving the formula than when not on it
The ONLY Thing that Works
- 07/17/2018
Nothing was working. The vet had recommended that my mare, Aiden, have her eye removed. My main concern was the health of her other eye, since both eyes had flared. I took her off of all modern medicine and put her on this formula. Not only did her flares stop, but she started to regain her eyesight. I am so thankful that I found this product!

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