Julie Pershing and Remi - Maquoketa, Iowa

Remi - 1I wanted to send you a quick update on my Remington as per previous conversations, it seems I went through you know where and back with Remi. I want to report that he is doing very very well! I have referred your product to so many people in hopes they find the same relief that I have. I also shared your info with my vet, as well as the book you sent with my Ulcer Solution order. She is so very interested in the holistic approach to horses, so I got two thumbs up from my vet as well. Feel free to use this as a testimony on your website.

After coming through his colic and displaced large colon, I wanted to ensure I could prevent another colic. He has had two thus far, one was mild and this recent one was so bad it may have taken his life had it not been for Colic Solution. Remi was not drinking water, was impacted thus not pooping. This went on for two long days, and that's when my friend's sister came with her Colic Solution. Thirty minutes after giving him this solution, he drank like he's never drank before, and continued to drink on a regular basis. That's when I decided to order the Colic Solution. My vet was going to put Remi out and roll him, but he took care of that for us when I had my back turned! And as it turns out, his large colon righted itself and he continued to get better.

Remi - 2As my vet was sure he had Ulcers, I palpated him to check and sure enough he had reaction to the palpation for hind gut ulcers. That's when I contacted For Love of The Horse again to talk about Ulcer Solution. Three weeks on the solution and Remi is a whole new horse! The nervousness has subsided, his belly is relaxed and overall his appearance is improving. Thank you For Love of The Horse for helping me get through these last two months, it's been a whirlwind for sure!

Photos taken on 3/27/17 and 5/7/17, he could use another 50#, but the difference overall is wonderful! There sure is a difference in this horse overall and I've been referring you to all my friends.

Julie Pershing and Remi
Maquoketa, Iowa

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