Jessica Morris and Spaceman, Wellington, CO

SpacemanSpacemanMy mini donkey Spaceman was diagnosed with an allergy to fly saliva this summer. After months of brutal rain, the flies were the worst they've ever been and my poor donkey's legs were decimated. All four legs were covered in painful open wounds from elbow to hoof. In order to keep him comfortable we had to attack it pretty aggressively. On the advice of my nutritionist and For the Love of the Horse rep Tina, I ordered Spaceman the Total Immune Health. He was also on a conglomeration of tinctures, and every single day for almost three months I gave him a warm bath with medicated soap, applied Wound Ointment and Skin Lotion from Equiderma... as well as pants. Yes, pants! He wore pants. It was the only thing that kept the flies off him, didn't irritate his wounds, and gave his legs time to heal.Spaceman BeforeSpaceman Before

Now, three months later, Spaceman is doing so well. You can't tell his legs were one big open wound this summer. The Total Immune Health went a long way to getting Spaceman's system back on track so he could fight off these awful flies. I'm really grateful!Spaceman AfterSpaceman After

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