Meg Francoeur - Aiken, South Carolina

AchillesAchillesI had suggested the colic formula to a few customers to try after hearing about good results although I hadn't tried it myself. Several of my customers ended up having to use the formula and it worked well for them so I kept a bag in my kitchen.....just in case. Then one day it was my turn! My 29-year-old TB decided to colic. He looked terrible! White gums, laying down, sweating profusely and elevated breathing. In the past when he colicked it would take as long as 10 hours AFTER the vet came to get him to come around and I was expecting this to be no different. I gave him his first treatment of colic herbs and called the vet. When I spoke to her she suggested banamine since he seemed so distressed and she was going to get there ASAP! At that point I gave him the second dose of colic herbs and gave him the banamine.

Within 5 minutes of the second dose he stopped attempting to 20 minutes, the sweat had dried and I decided to brush the dried sweat off his body, put on his fly leggings and wait for the vet to arrive. She got there after about 30 minutes after my phone call and at that point he was grazing on the grass, walking around and looked like nothing was wrong. She checked his gut, respirations and gums and...all was normal! This was a first for me!

I've always been a big fan of the MMP formula for laminitis, but now I keep several extra bags of the colic herbs around just in case a customer's horse has a bout and they don't have any. I drove home to get a bag the other day to give a customers horse that had just started colicking. Two doses and she was doing great. Vet wanted her to have banamine and we did give her that, but she was already doing fine before even getting it. One of my other customers has a 30+ year old horse that was so bad the vet thought he wouldn't survive the colic despite treatment. He was still down on the ground so the owner decided to try the herbs for the heck of it. I'm trimming that horse every month and he's doing fine! Truly a lifesaver!

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