Heidi Perry, Chiloquin, OR

BeauBeauI've been using other products for my EMS mare and had the Colic Solution on hand. As I've lost other horses to colic over the years, it seemed prudent to have in the tool box. So, in November 2022, my 20 y/o gelding, Beau, appeared to be colicking early one morning and was running a fever. So, we immediately gave him one dose, waited 15 minutes...nothing happened, gave him another dose and he passed gas! Then, waited another 15 minutes and nothing, so, gave him another dose and he urinated. Now we're hoping motility is being restored. Finally waited 15 minutes again and nothing, gave him another dose and he began passing manure! While all this is happening, his fever is climbing. So, whatever he is fighting has caused the colic. Once we had motility, I switched to Total Immune Formula (TIH) and gave him 8 scoops every four hours until his fever broke about 5pm. Blanketed him and continued to monitor his vital signs until I finally went to bed after a final dose of TIH. The next morning he's looking and acting his normal self! I continued the TIH until I felt safe to stop.

RosieRosieNext event, Rosie, 11 y/o mare colics in mid-December, 2022 (groan). She has EMS, and we finally had two great weeks, now this event. Again, 1st thing in the morning. Began the Colic Formula at intervals of 15 minutes for 9 HOURS. It still amazes me she took it! I believe they must innately know they need it. She had the normal signs of colic; laying down, looking at her sides, groaning, etc. Her symptoms were more advanced, I assume because we didn't get to her as early as we did Beau? We'll never know. She recovered by nightfall and was so hungry, so I super soaked her hay and withheld supplements. Again, added TIH for several days until I had to go back to treating her EMS and another bout of darn laminitis that the colic caused because it messed up her metabolics. I'm so very grateful for Dr. Thomas and the staff. The products work as claimed, and I'm totally convinced the Colic Solution saved both my horses. I will always have it on hand and travel with it! I live two hours from veterinary care if they can come immediately; so waiting for help isn't always the best option, especially with colic. I lost my first horse waiting 6-7 hours and by the time she was seen, the only option was to end her misery. I will not stand by and watch that horrific suffering again. Both my recent colic events happened on weekends.

THANK YOU FOR LOVE OF THE HORSE for developing wonderful, safe products!


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