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KenaiKenaiBelow are successive pictures starting five weeks ago when Kenai cut his Deep Flexor tendon. When he colicked two weeks into his stall rest, your Colic formula came to the rescue after three days of him languishing in a state of little improvement, very little poop, very little gut sounds UNTIL your Colic formula was used. From there we started to climb out of the barrel and at eight days post initial colic, Kenai was back to normal. My vets oiled him and hydrated him initially, but he wasn't starting to percolate until I used your formula.

During this time Kenai's leg had to be bandaged from the initial injury, and the first picture is the Deep Flexor Tendon wound after he kicked a tensioner on a smooth wire fence in his 120X120 turnout. The next picture shows what an goofball he can be under normal circumstances.

KenaiInitial cut. The tensioner had a hook on it and when he kicked the fence, he caught the tensioner and it hooked in sideways, tearing the Deep Flexor Tendon and knocking the smaller tendon alongside. Swelling immediately ensued.


KenaiWithin only a week proud flesh had formed. I had sent for the Torn Tendon formula and immediately put him on it in the hopes I could aid the repair of the tendon to normal. The vets had told me he would only be able to be a trail horse, and that was IF I was lucky. After this injury I had picked a different vet to care for him due to logistics, and she had given me a cream for proud flesh, but the caveat was that it could only be used for a couple weeks because it was damaging to the kidneys, liver, etc. Because I had just put Kenai on the Torn Tendon formula, I didn't use it because with the next bandage change it appeared the proud flesh was spontaneously reducing itself.

KenaiIn this picture it "appeared" as though the proud flesh was dissipating, there was resorption by the body. I didn't understand. I called For Love of the Horse to ask if that was a feature of the formula, but was told that they hadn't had any reports of such a reduction from that formula, but they did have another formula that helped proud flesh. However, they felt that possibly because the Torn Tendon formula also increased circulation, that that might be what was causing the reduction.

KenaiYet another week later, and the reduction in proud flesh is remarkable and the vets were perplexed and very pleased. They had no answers.

KenaiAgain, another bandage change.

KenaiThe proud flesh by now has flattened out and the cut appears to be trying to grow skin over the wound.

KenaiThis week, four and a half weeks into the initial injury. When I took him to the vet yesterday, the surgeon who had initially evaluated Kenai's case and had followed him each week via photos and emails with Kenai's regular vet, was very thrilled to see the incredible amount of healing and again had no answers for what had occurred except stating that the study of the body isn't like the study of math which is cut and dried. And to our vets' credit, they told me that they had a former vet who is trained in Chinese herbs and they have consulted with her on a tumor case.

Yes, all reports are anecdotal, but pictures are worth a thousand words. Being just one day past the above picture, in looking at his wound today, it is now almost completely covered; a mere quarter inch of red shows. So add this to the archives. It's a story without explanation. I cannot ride him all summer, and we have a wellness check in three weeks to come up with a rehabilitation plan. But due to his healing rate, he was pulled off stall rest and allowed to have a 30X30 paddock added to his space off his stall.

All my best to a company that thinks outside the box.

Robin M. Williams

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