DutchDutch 09-08-08

Howdy Friends! Some of you know the story of my mare Kessy's battle with Heaves, and how Dr Thomas, the world's foremost authority on Contemporary Chinese Herbalism, cured her totally with his Heaves Chinese herbal formulation. If you don't how bad she'd become, she could scarcely walk 10 steps without breaking down into a coughing fit. Many lasted an hour! Well that was 2 years ago, and she's still doin' fine. More than fine. We just came in from a 2 hour ride, 90 degrees, 92% humidity. Her respiration never went above 38 the whole ride. Even when she and Lady insisted on a sprint! Yes I stopped and checked it right after the sprint. 10 minute post ride, after sponging down with vetrilin, respiration 18. Wanted to share with all, horses can indeed be totally cured of heaves, and do not need to be medicated their whole life. You can more info on Doc, and this Heaves formulation here ~ ~ Gitty Up, Dutch.

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