Kim Blanton - Lathrop, MO

RileyRileyRiley lives in a pasture with other horses and wears a fly mask through the summer. I bring him in every morning and evening to feed, remove the mask and look him over for any issues. (side note: Please remove fly masks daily to detect things. Had I not I would have missed this and who knows what could have happened.)

Anyway, when I did, his eye was swollen almost shut and he had drainage in a large path down his face. He could barely open his eye and it was a tad cloudy. I immediately put him on a dose of 5 scoops, 3 times a day of Uveitis along with upping his dosage of Total Immune Heath to 6 scoops, twice a day<./p>

By that evening (3 doses) this is what his eye looked like. As you can see by the picture he still has some swelling around his eye which the Uveitis and Total Immune Health will continue fixing. You can also see the dried track of fluid that had been draining the day before.

I am so thrilled with the results of Uveitis, I will tell everyone and anyone if their horse has any drainage, swelling, redness, cloudiness, or anything else with the eye, to use this solution. It's amazing and I'm convinced it saved me countless of dollars and time with a vet call and applying a topical ointment. Very pleased with the results and Riley is very pleased with the taste of the herbs. He loves them!

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