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AidenAidenAiden's Story

I just wanted to post an update on my mare Aiden. This is just what has worked for me and my girl. I don't mean to make others feel that their decisions were wrong. I just want to share my story in the hopes that it may help. :-) I am sorry it is long, I just felt that all of the details were important.

Up until last September Aiden had had only a couple flares in her right eye. I had been able to control them with a basic fly mask and ointment in her eye every other day. In September her left eye flared and it went from bad to worse very quickly. I had her on Bute and 4 different eye ointments (The usual treatments mentioned here). I also had her on golden paste. At different points in time the vet thought she had a fungus, a scratch etc. (He did the stain uptake and took a swab to be tested etc. She had a weird white patch appear in the center of her eye.) All along my vet had been talking and sending pictures to an equine ophthalmologist as well. It was becoming a nightmare to get meds into her eye and she went from a happy, friendly girl to being the opposite. She coliced (first time ever) and was just miserable. It got to the point where my choices were to have her eye removed or try a lavage system with some different meds. It was December and I was really torn as to what I needed to do. At this point she was blind in her left eye with no symptoms in her right. I found this page and starting reading about what everyone was doing and going through. And for some reason, I just could not bring myself to have her eye removed. Part of the reason I think was because I was super concerned about the health of her right eye.

AidenI had read about some great results that some wonderful ladies here had using "For Love of the Horse's" Uveitis and Immune Health mixes. (Chinese Herbs) I made the decision to take her off of all meds and ointments and give the herbs a try. (very scary) I bought two Crusader brand fly masks (because they fit and stayed on her the best) and kept her in one during the day. The only thing I kept her on in addition to the herbs, was the golden paste. I figured if was going to spend about $1500-$2000 to have her eye removed, I might as well take that money and see if I could heal her eye, and prevent the other from having issues too. As of today she is REGAINING HER SIGHT!!!! Her left eye is clearing from the outside in and she is able to see movement!!! The white patch is also changing. I am so excited! Her eye doesn't run anymore and she is so much happier. She LOVES the herbs too. I just syringe them in her mouth as she is eating her hay.

*I also did two sessions of acupuncture.
2018 Update: Aiden continues to stay flare free as long as she is getting her herbs.

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