Rebecca A. Bailin - Sausalito, CA

AidenMe and my darling, darling, darling - HollyHolly's Story

I am convinced that without the herbal remedies my horse would be blind or dead by now.

Holly has chronic uveitis. The Western medicine docs advised me to use topical dex, atropine and systemic banamine every time she had an eye inflammation which caused swelling, discharge and a closed eye. They said to use it twice a day for 10 days every time.

Instead I use ongoing therapy 2x/day of Uveitis formula and Total Immune Health. If/when she has eye inflammation I increase her herb dose to 3x/day. If her eye is still inflamed in 24-48 hours, I'll use some topical dex. But I taper off the dex as soon as her eye opens.

I have been doing this for coming on 10 years! (!!!!) The herbs have not cured her but they have helped me MANAGE the condition while minimizing steroids and other medications. The Western medicine docs are always amazed that if she needs the dex, she STILL responds to it RIGHT AWAY. If I had been using the recommended dosage at the recommended frequency, I'm convinced she would not longer respond to topical steroids.

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