Sarah Reagan and Miss Maisy – Knoxville, TN

Hi again,

Miss MaisyMiss MaisyIt’s been almost a year since I last updated you on Miss Maisy’s eye condition.  Have had her at a maintenance dose of the Uveitis Solution for several months now (most of the year actually).  She has had a couple of flare ups and actually flared in the other eye, so I am now totally convinced this is what she went through in years prior.  Then it was always “shut down”/suppressed with antibiotics (and possibly steroids which is typical treatment).  Now each time she has had a flare up, I immediately put her back on therapeutic dose and it resolved within 24-36 hours; the flare up in the other eye took a little longer, maybe by a day.  I will likely keep her on a maintenance dose from now on but she is so stable now in that regard I don’t worry if I should miss one.  Her eyes are clear – no cloudiness in either one, and I detect no problems in eye sight at all.  I am an animal naturopath so understand different healing modalities – and I will tell you without ANY doubt that the For Love of the Horse Uveitis Solution made more difference in resolving this than anything else I used with her.

Thank you!!

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