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SiskoSiskoMay 16, 2012

Sisko is doing great, too. His bowels movements are regular and he's showing no sign of any colic or impaction, and his summer coat is shining sorrel/red. Probably another side effect of the Liver Support as I don't remember his coat ever looking THAT glowing. I think that his uveitis is still coming along slow as the eye is still cloudy. Although the way Sisko is running slaloms at a gallop through the two gates into the field, he's showing no sign of having vision problems this morning. I did cut the bran we were mixing the formulation into in half, so it's a small, (1-1/2" diameter or less) moist cookie that he snatches up eagerly before each meal, for each formula.

May 17, 2012

Mainly, this update is for Sisko, since it occurred to me I was relying on my husband's opinion (not a horse-person, just a very patient husband) of Sisko's eyes when he changed out fly-masks last Sat morn before we left for our trip. And after Sisko's world-record, gate-slalom course event yesterday, I decided I needed to see what was going on. (Sisko is a great horse but a little wild, so he's an ongoing challenge to work with.) I went out late afternoon to put 'da boyz' away; Sisko saw me with bucket in hand and knew he was getting his herb cookies (mixture of bran and herbs) , so into his stall he went. Pony started ambling toward his stall without any prodding, so I concentrated on Sisko.

After Sisko ate his cookies (mixture of bran and herbs), I got a halter on him and the fly mask off while we were inside, checked his usually-good left eye (looked great) and got him to turn his head for me to check his right eye. (He's very protective of his right side; something happened to him from a previous owner that we're still working on.) Since I was inside where we were in shadow, out of bright sunlight, the first thing I saw didn't make sense. NO cloudiness visible. That couldn't be right, especially from the last time I'd checked him, so I led him outside into bright Mojave Desert (setting) sunlight and saw only about half the cloudiness that there had been, and most of the eye clear. And he wasn't blinking or turning away, or showing any UV sensitivity in that eye. WOW. No wonder he felt like running a slalom course! I kept studying his eye and he kept looking at me, licking his orange-tongue (from the Liver Support), wanting to know why I wasn't feeding him yet! So I got the new fly-mask on (for UV protection, mainly), and fed them both AFTER I chased the Pony who had decided we were taking too long, and (for the first time since last summer) took off out of his stall again in a game of chase, since I hadn't closed his gate right away. The little bugger was feeling great, obviously, and I'm pretty sure was even laughing at me as I scurried after him and tried to herd him back into his stall.

Anyway, the Uveitis Formula is working its wonders with Sisko, just a little later than I had expected or hoped.

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