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Heaves Solution

- 07/23/2021

Since late March Skipper developed what the Vet said was Equine Asthma, or Heaves as it used to be called. Tried Dexamethazone which helped for 3 days after the 7 day treatment then back to the same. Did some reading and thought we would try the Heaves Solution and Total Immune which he has been on since June 11, 2021. It is a slow process but I feel I made the right decision. I'm a person that wants 'over night' results and that is not the way these work. But, I do see progress, no more wheezing after only a week on the herbs, and only a rare cough now. He is still dyspneic with fast respirations but it is so humid and hot here, that's not helping either. He is more alert and seems happier. He went through a period that he wouldn't eat his feed or hay and has lost alot of weight. I took him away from the other 2 horses and gave him a large area with grass and he comes in and out at will in the barn. So, we are treading along and feel we have made the right decision with these herbs.

Heaves product

- 10/24/2018

Used for 2 months and didn't see much change. Increased dosage on the second bag but still no change. Resorted back to Kenalog shot which helped overnight.
We are sorry that you feel our formulas did not work well for your horse. As she has been suffering with this breathing problem for a couple of years, and has a bacterial infection present, this issue will take a bit longer to be resolved completely. In her case, we recommended that Heaves be paired with Total Immune Health to support her immune function. Because our formulas do not mask symptoms but work on correcting the problem at the root issue, the outward results can take time to observe. With this herbal treatment, one can expect slow and steady recovery and two bags of our Heaves formula (particularly when given at too low a dosage and not paired with the Total Immune Health formula as recommended) was not enough to recover her to the point in which her symptoms are alleviated. We sincerely wish you the best of luck with her recovery.


- 05/31/2018

This product really does work for my mare...

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